Posted by: towardtransfiguration | January 7, 2010

Mary Appears Again in Egypt: Another Prophetic Evening

Just a few weeks ago, on December 16, the beginning of the month honoring the Virgin Mary on the Coptic Calendar, the Virgin Mary suddenly appeared over a Coptic Orthodox Church in El Warraq, Cairo. The Cairo paper Al Ahram reports that a Muslim neighbor saw it, called the priest, and said, “What are you doing here, father? I just saw Our Lady Mariam with my own eyes: go and see for yourself.”

After the shock of seeing this, several things occurred to me.

First, during the summer of 2008 God granted that I spend a few weeks travelling throughout Egypt, visiting the fatherless and widow with Coptic Orphans. I felt strongly that the Virgin Mary herself invited me to join the organization back in 2006, so I felt a strong pull to visit the site of her first appearance in Egypt on the dome of a church in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Cairo. God granted that it be so on my last day in Egypt before heading out to join my wife in India. What struck me there was that the church is so much smaller than it appears in pictures. Standing there and feeling as if I could reach up and nearly touch the dome over which she appeared, I realized that God loves us so much that he allowed her to come so close to us at Zeitoun. Once again, he allows her to come close to call us to repentance with that particular closeness that only a child and mother know.

Second, as at Zeitoun, she appeared here to Christian and Muslim alike. How truly she is the mother of us all to call us to Christ without distinction. Her coming to us again in El-Warraq can only signify just how lavishly God gives us his mercy and love–regardless of our beliefs about him– so that we turn to him.

Third, when I joined Coptic Orphans I sensed that the fatherless in Egypt in particular are dear to our Mother’s heart because of the hospitality her son received there. I don’t understand it fully, but it seems that God has designs on Egypt for the future that are related to his providential plan in the past.

Fourth, I tremble when I see this and remember Kibeho and Fatima. Fatima preceded and prophecied a world war. Kibeho preceded and prophecied the Rwanda genocide. The greater the mercy, the greater the trials ahead. Perhaps also God has allowed this knowing what is ahead in Egypt, and has allowed his Most Holy Mother to appear to Christian and Muslim alike as a plea to her Muslim children to turn to God in light of what she, God, and the holy angels only know the future may hold if we don’t all repent, pray, and fast, but what we already see foreshadowed in current tensions.

May we all become as she appears here in this video, transfigured so brilliantly in the light of Christ. And may we make her ever more brilliant with our repentance and fervent prayers for Egypt and the world.


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