What This Blog is About and Why I Started It

I write this blog because the strange and unexpected light of Divine mercy shined right into my dark mind, and by that same light I stepped onto the path toward transfiguration.

I’m Nathan. As a teenager Christ found me, then led me to the Church. Now, Christ has led me through seminary at St. Vladimir’s in New York. I feel called with my wife toward India, where once she lived and worked as a social worker among exploited children and where one day we hope to serve together using the little tools–practical, psychological and spiritual–that God has given us. We want to keep in touch with those who have encouraged us, taught us, and loved us back in Virginia and everywhere else we’ve been so far. I also open this blog for any who feel led to support our journey. We’re going in faith, trusting God for provision in the process, and so far He has proven faithful to supply our daily bread in ways that amaze us.

This blog is all about transfiguration. Transfiguration of the heart through conversion and rebirth in Christ; the renewal of the mind, or nous in the Greek Fathers; the transformation of our relationships; the renewal of the Church, the Holy Bride of Christ; and finally the transfiguration of the world itself… all through the coming of the Kingdom of Repentance inside each one of us. 

There are still so many dark spots in my vision, the most and the deepest of which I cannot even yet see. but I hope that in the course of this blog the Holy Spirit will keep changing me and showing me more of Christ. I also hope that this blog will edify the Body of Christ in the process.


  1. N & M
    Im with you and praying for you
    Be Blessed

    • Sam, thank you for your prayers. We miss you and Betsy.

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